It is increasingly recognised that the long-term sustainability of development projects requires a holistic approach that integrates solutions with environment and social considerations as a way of maximising beneficial project impacts.


The vision is to provide solutions that promote sustainable development especially in developing countries where we mostly work, to meet the challenges for provision of infrastructure in urban, peri-urban and rural areas. This is conducted on a partnership basis with ICS; carefully selected strategic partners; and local consultants


A fundamental feature of ICS’ approach to development is that people and environment are seen as key in the development process and that an environmental and social development perspective is an essential part of the analysis and decision-making process at all stages of the project cycle. Central to our ability to successfully carry out a range of services is an understanding of sustainable development principles, as well as insights into the dynamics of poverty eradication and environmental conservation.







A team of both in-house staff and freelance consultants provide a range of skills in environment, GIS, sociology, urban and rural planning, ecology, bio-diversity, noise control, land reclamation and expertise in the following areas:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Socio-economic impact assessment
  • Urban and rural development planning
  • Labour-based infrastructure development
  • Informal settlement upgrade
  • Institutional reform and capacity building
  • Urban and rural management development
  • Urban and rural livelihoods studies
  • Participatory rural appraisal
  • Stakeholder, age and gender analysis



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