Development of a GIS layer of published and known landslide locations along with published landslide susceptibility maps, and comparison of the two. Further development of the Landslide and Road Reserve Management Toolkit prototyped under Phase 1.

Field investigations to determine the extent to which bioengineering and related low-cost techniques of slope stabilization and protection might apply along the road network, together with community discussion where appropriate and training of UNRA station managers, to the extent that this is possible within the constraint of the programme. Development of a guideline for bio-engineering land low-cost slope stabilization in the road sector




1. Development of GIS-based location and vulnerability maps in line with the proposed methodology

2. Field visits for validation of the landslide location and vulnerability mapping methodology; including identification of new, and potential landslide areas

3. Identification of the dominant causes potential causes of landslides in each of the identified landslide-vulnerable locations.

4. Identification and selection of pilot and/or case study roads suitable for implementation of trials of landslide mitigation interventions and optimization of road reserve use.

5. Assessment of the influence of change in land use, and weather patterns on landslide occurrence.

6. Design of trials for landslide mitigation interventions and adaptation measures as well as alternatives for road reserve use consistent with good practice.

7. Develop specifications for the LRMT. The LRMT should be designed to seamlessly import and export data and outputs with existing management systems within UNRA including the Bridge Management System, Pavement Management System, Traffic Information system, GIS.

8. Review of related existing UNRA management systems and assessment of possible inter-linkage with the landslide and road reserve management system(s) that will be developed in this assignment

9. Presentation of the structure and specifications of the LRMT to ReCAP PMU and UNRA for approval prior to development, at a stakeholder workshop.







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