The Northern Corridor is a multi-modal corridor, consisting of road, rail, pipeline, and inland waterways transport and is recognized as a significant corridor for logistics in East Africa. The main road network runs from Mombasa Sea Port through Kenya and Uganda to Rwanda and Burundi and to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
The road network also links Kenya and Uganda to Juba in South Soudan. Despite the growing importance of the Northern Corridor, there exist bottlenecks along the Corridor. Such bottlenecks raise transport cost, which is one of the major factors that hinder economic development of the region, especially inland areas of the Corridor.


In this context, the Government of Uganda (GOU) and the Government of Kenya (GOK) requested the Government of Japan (GOJ) to implement a project to formulate a master plan on logistics for the Northern Corridor in order to promote regional development. During discussions between GOU, GOK and JICA, JICA proposed to apply the project concept as ‘Northern Economic Corridor’, with the argument that the project should cover not only logistics but also the regional development along the Northern Corridor


Objective of the project: The objective of the Project was to formulate a Master Plan on Logistics for Northern Economic Corridor, along with integrated regional development strategy consistent with sub-regional development plans and national development plans, with 2030 as the target year. The target areas for the Master Plan cover the routes which are part of the Northern Economic Corridor and its surrounding areas.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by ICS

• Road Inventory and alignment assessment

• Industrial surveys.

• Land use mapping.

• Traffic surveys and modelling along the Northern Corridor.

• Development of the framework for the Northern Economic Corridor.

• Formulate the regional structure plan.

• Analyze the current industrial development of the two countries.

• Approach for the transport and logistic infrastructure development.

• Development vision, strategies and suggested projects.

• Environmental and social consideration for the master plan.







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