The provision of adequate infrastructure is a
pre-requisite for both Exploration and Development phases of the Oil and Gas Sector. ICS’ core strength #n this sector lies in provision of Engineering
Support Services and Environmental Social Impact Assessment to Governments and Developers.



In ICS, we are able to provide an array of services in:



These services do vary from small to medium sized infrastructure projects such as the design of roads or other local infrastructure
that are associated with well sites and other processing facilities. These are likely to include the following:

  • Exploration and Assessment well-pads together with the associated access road.
  • Local infrastructure roads (both temporary and permanent)
  • Drilling and construction camps (including all infrastructure
  • New Buildings and alterations to existing buildings
  • Building services
  • Structural surveys of existing buildings and structures
  • Waste management complexes and areas
  • Drainage, to include surface water, foul and chemical drainage
  • Jetties, slipways and other marine structures
  • Bridges and other highways structures
  • Geotechnical and Geo-physics


Our core expertise enables ICS to deploy specialists in many engineering and related disciplines to address the requirements
and demands of oil and gas assignments to meet both local and international standards. The Engineering expertise of the Firm
and its associates cover the following disciplines:

  • Civil, Structural and plant infrastructure
  • Feasibility studies and conceptual designs
  • Geotechnical and environmental
  • Project management
  • Front end and detailed engineering
  • Procurement & Contract Administration
  • Inspection, testing and certification
  • Construction management




Oil and gas projects are routinely very sensitive to environmental problems and criticism and the Firm is always conscious of the stringent environmental considerations that the sector is supposed to adhere to. ICS believes in sustainable business as good business.


We therefore integrate sustainability practices into our own operations, delivering projects with an economic, social and environmental legacy of which our clients, employees and communities can be proud.


Our expertise in Oil and Gas Environmental Aspects include:

  • Initial screening of key environmental and social impacts
  • ESIA scoping and Terms of References reporting
  • Environmental Baseline Studies – including specialist archaeological, ecological, hydrogeology, soil surveys and noise
  • Socio-economic Baseline Studies – including extensive quantitative/qualitative surveys
  • Development of a comprehensive Geographical
    Information Systems
  • Hydrogeological conceptual numerical modelling and review
    of model results
  • Legal review – local and international ESIA legislation
    and standards
  • Public Consultation/Stakeholders Engagement
  • Specialist input into the Project Risk Assessment and
    Risk Register
  • Provision of specialist technical guidance of ESIA process and progress to Clients.

Local Content

It is ICS’ internal philosophy to optimally deploy our locally recruited staff and local associates alongside our international staff to ensure efficient knowledge transfer and local capacity building. This also allows an added benefit to our clients of rapid mobilization and blending our solutions with best local practices. In many cases, most of the assignments are undertaken fully by our local resources with minimal oversight for quality assurance, consistency and client liaison from our international staff.






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